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Business portrait

Professional Business Portrait

It speaks for itself that, if you want to look good on your LinkedIn or Facebook page, a professional business portrait is a must. And the same goes if you want your company to be easily recognisable for your customers or if you want to give your website a professional look. LINK Fotografie, specialist in Business portraits and social media photography

LINK Photography, your specialist for business portraits and social media photography

  • Personal approach – a spontaneous and professional business portrait guaranteed for all
  • A photoshoot in our professional photo studio or on location
  • The profile photos are always edited before being delivered
  • We can bring our mobile photo studio to your company
  • Quick and efficient, without compromising on quality

10%  group discount

* Extensive profile photo shoot, with a change of clothes, background and an extra digital photo. A business portrait for LinkedIn and a casual photo, for example for Facebook or as gift to your parents.

Call 076 521 28 60

We deliver our photos as digital files and our customer can use them freely for advertising purposes or for LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Prices are in euros, excluding VAT.

At LINK Photography, we believe that everyone is photogenic.
Although most people will normally say that they aren’t, we really believe our claim. And that’s why we’ll never accept anyone being unhappy with the result: we always continue until everyone is 100% satisfied!

Would you like to have some nice pictures taken of your company’s staff? We offer a test photoshoot at a very attractive rate.
Please feel free to contact us anytime and ask for the conditions; we are always happy to help you!

Voor/Na bewerking

Voor/Na bewerking

Link fotografie gaat voor kwaliteit. Daarom bewerken wij iedere foto zorgvuldig na.

Why LINK Photography?

  • Personal coaching
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Professional business portrait guaranteed for all
  • We take our time for everyone
  • We make everyone photogenic

Bussiness Photography

LINK Photography is the right choice for companies. With our specialized photographers we can facilitate all sorts of photoshoots.

-LinkedIn headshot
Event photography
-360 photo’s


Portfolio Business Portrait

Tips for the perfect business portrait

What image do you want to show the outside world?

Before having your profile photo taken, first decide what image it should portray. For example, someone who works in a law firm will normally need a different picture than a professional nurse. Feel free to discuss this first with the photographer in order to achieve the best result together.

Composition of the photo

Profile photos are mainly used for social media and sometimes to accompany an application for a job. Whatever the situation, these photos are not large, so remember that it is important that people can see as much of your face as possible.


Although only your face will be visible in the picture, your posture is still very important. Keep your back straight, your chest out and legs straight and that will instantly give you a more confident appearance! Of course, our photographer will also be able to advise you about this.
More tips you can find here. Or you can call our photographer for personal advise: 076 521 28 60

Laat zien wie je bent!




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